Faraa ♥: less than 6 hours to go..

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  • SPM's over, and I'm finally done with school. Now what?





less than 6 hours to go..
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tepat pukul 1000 waktu Malaysia (GMT +8) nanti, segalanya akan terbongkar.. chehh..

so, in about next 2 hours I'll be leaving Sandakan to go to my humble school in Lahad Datu... hehe..

apapun yang terjadi, aku harap result aku tak lah sampai buat aku frust sebab aku memang tak target straight A pon. tapi kalau dapat result macam tu best gak kan? emm.. I hope so.. :)

anyways, no matter what the result I will get, I will surely share with u'all in my next entry.. see you then.

96-liner, hwaiting~!

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