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Doodling :D
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hey guys! It's me again... and boy, how I wish you guys could imagine how bored I am rite now... feels weird, because it's Monday and I'm not attending school... yeah, you may call me a nerd whatsoever but that's exactly what I feel rite now. Studying alone at home isn't the same as going to school!

Okay. Okay. Let's cut the crap already, shall we?

Anyways, guess what? Today, I learn to DOODLE! *applause*

Mwahaha...I'm not talking about doodle as in 'scribling'. Even a three-year-old kid could draw such thing. =="

I'm talking about this kind of doodle...

These doodles are not mine by the way. Googled it. Credits to the owner ^^

Oh, and this is where I get my doodle lessons. Thanks, Azzah :) You guys should check out her blog, too. She's got a whole lot of awesome doodles!

To be honest, I did this doodle out of boredom... and being unexperienced as I am, here's what I managed to draw... Please don't laugh -.-

LOL. I know, it lacks so much... Well, that's honestly my very FIRST attempt. Please, don't hestitate to drop some comments, I would like to know what you think about me first doodle... :D

Well, that's all for today peeps! Thanks for reading ^_^

p/s. Still missing you... ;)

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Anonymous Tanpa Nama berkata...

Wow! That's a cute doodle. :)

I notice that you seem to like the color pink. I adore it, as well.

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

thanks ! yea, it's nice to know that you like it, too :D

Blogger Nurul Husna berkata...

hye! I really like that doodle.. cute ! I don't know how to draw doodle. Nice job really ^_^

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

thanks Husna ! glad you like it :)

Blogger Iza Zaty berkata...

woww, nice doodle ^^ i like it ;*

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

merci beaucoup, Iza Zaty ;)
Hey, we share the same name LOL ^_^

Blogger suesue berkata...

absolutely cute! extra mark for the hijab :)

Blogger Aireyn Ashra ツ berkata...

So Niceeee ! xD

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

suesue & Aireyn Ashra ツ:

thank youu ! :DD

Blogger Shakirah Rosli berkata...

comellah. mata dye comel saya suka hehe ^^,

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

Shakirah Rosli: hehe.. mekasih :DD

Blogger MarnieyZ berkata...

nampak cute je.. hehe

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

MarnieyZ: really? lol, thanks! :DD

Blogger H n i e ; berkata...

nice duudel dear.. hihi~

Blogger Farha ♥ berkata...

syukran, ustazah ;)

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